One weekend as a seventeen-year-old in Inverness living with my parents I decided to watch Peter Jackson’s appendices to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and I had a revelation: I wanted to learn how to do THAT.

So, I upped sticks and left for Glasgow to take the first steps on my journey towards that dream. I studied Creative Industries Television HND for three years at Glasgow Clyde College, a really hands-on practical course that taught me a great deal.

Then I got the amazing opportunity to work for my church on a three-year project on a series of short documentaries with the artist ID Campbell.

This project took up much of my time but as a freelancer I had various other opportunities come my way. I have worked with children’s author Barbara Henderson on several book trailers, various charities on promotional videos and was the lead tutor for a young filmmakers class which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sadly my time in Glasgow has come to an end but I am now on an exciting adventure living in Norden Germany, right on the north coast! So I will be available in person for projects in the Ostfriesland area, or if you are in Scotland (or somewhere else) looking for my help on a project, please still get in touch as I can edit remotely from anywhere.

I love to make films that inspire or spark joy in the viewer, whether as director, camera operator, editor or in another role, I will always strive to make the final product as polished as it can be!


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