I have worked on many different projects as a freelancer over the last few years including book trailers for a prominent Scottish children’s author, promotional material for Glasgow based charities, filming and editing show-reel material, editing a video of a band’s live studio recording and Christmas themed films for my church. I have met some incredible people along the way and I would happily work with any of them again.

Fir for Luck

Would you be brave enough to fight back? When 12-year-old Janet’s village is under threat– she decides to take action. It’s a split-second decision that could cost her everything: her home, her family – even her life. Can Janet save her village from being wiped out? Or will her family and friends be forced from their homes to face an uncertain future? Based on real life events, Fir for Luck is a tale of the brutal Highland Clearances, when land owners cared more about sheep than people.


When 12-year-old Phin is accused of a terrible crime, his only option is to flee. In the unlikely company of an escaped prisoner and a group of travelling entertainers, he enters a new world of Punch and Judy shows and dancing bears. But will Phin clear his name? And what can he do when memories of a darker, more terrible crime begin to haunt him?

Wilderness Wars

When her father’s construction work takes Em’s family to the uninhabited island of Skelsay, she is excited, but also a little uneasy. Soon Em and her friend Zac realise that the setbacks, mishaps and accidents on the island point to something altogether more sinister: the wilderness all around them has declared war. Danger lurks everywhere. But can Em and Zac persuade the adults to believe it before it’s too late?

Black Water

Dumfries, 1792. Henry may only be thirteen, but he has already begun his training in the Excise, combatting smuggling like his father does. But when a large smuggling schooner is stranded nearby, the stakes are high—even with reinforcements, and the newly recruited officer, a poet called Robert Burns.

Film Making Challenges – Make and Create Arts

I have been working as the lead filmmaking tutor for Make and Create arts which has been a really fantastic experience. Recently we began a series of video challenges for the kids to do at home. I love working with the talented group of kids and trying to help them realise their potential, although sometimes they can be a handfull!


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